K-Max Fiber Refill bag 64 G sold without flask


K-Max hair building fibers  64 grams – 100% natural hair densifier


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K-Max is the only Hair Powder 100% Natural : Keratin 99.5%, 0.5% organic silica. Fibers colors come from the natural color of keratin. No addition of pigment or dye

K-MAX is a 100% natural micronized powder charged with electrostatic energy.

By sprinkling K-MAX on the hair, K-MAX coats each hair instantly.
KMax was designed for men, women and all types of hair

How to use K-MAX ?

– First of all, it is necessary to wash your hair, dry and brush them. The application of K-MAX on wet hair is strongly discouraged because the distribution of the product might not work properly.

 – Just sprinkle the K-MAX on the hair. The effect is immediate.

 – To establish the K-MAX permanently, it is recommended to use the Fixing Spray K-MAX. The effect can last several days, in fact, until the next shampoo. 

9 colors are available :

Pictures before/after K-Max fibers :

Ingredients : Keratin 99,5% , Silica 0,5%

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Auburn, Black, Blond, Dark Brown, Dark Grey, Light Brown, Light Grey, Medium Brown, White