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Specialist in hair solutions: Hair building fibers, hair mascara, hair loss and balding products ...

Since 2008, HAIRVISUAL specialises in the marketing, development and creation of hair solutions such as hair mascaras (hair makeup) and hair building fibers (densifying powder) to mask a lack of hair, alopecia or early baldness. Some of our products are now recommended by many hair loss professionals, doctors and surgeons.


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Ecobell keratin 99%
Our exclusive brands

Natural hair building fibers

The principle of how Ecobell works is simply, and simply brilliant: Through electrostatic charge, the individual Ecobell Fibers combine with your own hair and thicken it immediately. Ecobell fibers is 99% natural, nontoxic and works on all types of thinning hair conditions, for both men and women.

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Our exclusive brands
Our exclusive brands

K-Max is a 100% natural micronized keratin powder charged with electrostatic energy.
By sprinkling K-Max on the hair, the keratin fibers coat each hair instantly.

Among our brands: K-Max, Ecobell, Nanogen, Hairsoreal, Toppik, Dermmatch, Caboki, Revivogen, Volluma, HairFor2 …

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