PROCAPIL’HAIR ANTI DHT treatment of androgenetic alopecia in men & women


PROCAPIL’HAIR shampoo 250 ml anti-DHT or lotion 100 ml anti-DHT


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The results are not guaranteed because are different for each person


Androgenic alopecia affects 20% of men from 20 years and increases of 10% per decade, implying that more than half of men from 50 years are affected. However, this alopecia, as its name might suggest, does not affect only men, although women are far less concerned.
Why is PROCAPIL’HAIR efficient?
PROCAPIL’HAIR lotion solves three main causes of alopecia common:
 The androgenic cause via the inhibition of 5α-reductase, the enzyme responsible for conversion of testosterone into DHT,
 The circulatory system cause, promoting micro-circulation at the capillary level without which regrowth of hair may not be optimal,
 The mechanical cause, reinforcing the anchoring of hair in the sheath of skin.
To ensure this triple action PROCAPIL’HAIR was designed as a combination of three synergistic asset:
 A vitaminic peptide: the biotinyl-GHK,
 Apigenin extracted from the grapefruit tree (Citrus maxima),
 Oleanic acid extracted from leaves of olive (Olea europaea).

Clinical test
The clinical test lasted 4 months and was attended by 35 male volunteers divided into two groups: one group using placebo, the second receiving treatment PROCAPIL’HAIR.
The test showed:
 An activation of hair growth of 121%,
 A significant delay aging hair of 46%,
 Improved microscopic anchoring to the hair shaft.
By targeting specifically androgenic alopecia, the new technology therefore allows PROCAPIL’HAIR:
 Stopping hair loss,
 Promoting the growth of new hair,
 Strengthening and prolonging the hair growth cycle.
Directions for use
For the best result use the shampoo 2 to 3 times a week and the lotion every day, in the morning on dry or wet hair.

Designed for a 2 months treatment.

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