POSTQUAM anti hair loss treatment with vegetable placenta 12 vials x 9ml

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Postquam anti hair loss treatment with vegetable placenta 12 vials x 9ml


Product Description

Anti Hair Loss Shock Treatment from Postquam

12 vials 9 ml each.

Anti Hair Loss Treatment Shock with reconstituted Plant Placenta. The Animal Placenta has been replaced with plant placenta.

The box contains 12 amouples, each 9 ml for single use.

Anti Hair Loss treatment contains active ingredients including nutrients and special elements, it works as follows:

Anti Hair Loss Effect:

  • stimulate and activate the biosynthesis of keratin.
  • regulate sebaceous secretion
  • activate blood circulation and cellular respiration.

Revitalisation Effect:

  • The active ingredients also lubricate, repair and revitalise the hair, returning its shine, manageability and shape.


Apply one vial daily for fifteen days and every other day for a further fortnight.


Apply one or two vials a week depending on the result from the initial treatment.


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