GREY AWAY spray 200 ml anti grey hair gradually restore hair colour


Grey Away anti-grey hairspray 200 ml

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Product Description

The results are not guaranteed because are different for each person

What if you could get the natural colour of your hair back?

GREY AWAY is a revolutionary treatment which brings the grey hair its natural original colour. The treatment is simple, fast and witout any problem.

The daily use lasts between 14 and 28 days every day on dry hair and will pigment naturally and gradually the hairI. Then after 28 days a simple use1 to 2 times a week only is necessary to avoid the regrowth of grey hair.


Actually the hair doesn’t become grey but white! It is an optical illusion related to the mixture of colored hair and white hair. Thus, the hair seems more grey as the percentage of white hair increases.

The phenomenon of bleaching hair is canities. The hair grows white when it is no more pigmented and when the melanocytes nare o longer able to transmit the melanin to keratinocites.



A few years ago, our laboratory developed a formula that gradually re-pigments hair: the GREY AWAY lotion.

This treatment has as its main active extracts from roots of Wasabia Japonica. The other components are there to stabilize the active one and make the GREY AWAY its cosmetic qualities.The active ingredient appears in soluble form in the product and enters during the application in the dry hair shaft.

Within minutes, a deposit and a reaction of oxidation-reduction occurs: the Wasabia Japonica with the keratin of the hair. It becomes insoluble and gives a dark color.
Once precipitated in this form it is stable and remains fixed. The coloring is controllable according to the number of applications, and so according to the amount of active agent is fixed. Surprising they is no real explanation to this phenomenon but the regeneration of the hair colour can be really seen and obtained.

We call this the “hair memory”.


The results of clinical trials demonstrate in vivo:

  • A loss of grey hair by 46% after 14 days of treatment.
  • A loss of grey hair by 83% after 28 days of treatment.
  • A satisfaction rate processing close to 100%.

Clinical tests in vitro showed a progressive recoloring of hair tested.

GREY AWAY is absolutely safe for the health ; it may be used by everybody (included children or pregnant women) and it is designed for all type of hair.


In the first strike phase, you apply the solution with the spray every morning on dry hair, without special precautions. This application is best early morning because of the positive action of sunlight on the effectiveness of the active ingredient. This daily treatment lasts between 14 and 28 days, until your hair has regained its natural color.

In a maintenance treatment, GREY AWAY you have use once or twice a week to maintain color and avoid the white coming back.

Our product GREY AWAY product contains no lead acetate and no paraben.


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