Hair Corrective Make-up

Temporary hair loss concealers normally come in one of three forms: cream, compact powders or colored sprays.
The goal of each is to minimize the contrast between scalp and hair.
hair loss concealers work in a similar way to facial concealer. They are sold as densely packed colored powder or sometimes creams which are applied directly to the bald spot. The concealer temporarily dyes the hairless areas and it clings to the existing hair so that is looks thicker.
Modern concealers are much better than those of the past, especially in terms of color matching and staying on in the rain!
You can use them every day without causing any further deterioration in your existing hair.

  • Hairfor2 Shampooing anti-résidus 250 ml
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    Hairfor2 Shampoo 250 ml

    Hairfor2 (Volluma) Shampoo is the best way to prepare your hair for our Hairfor2 Hair Thickening Spray by cleansing your hair of all residues.

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  • hairfor2-hairfor2-100ml
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    HairFor2 Colored Hair Thickener Spray (Volluma)

    Hairfor2 in either 100 ml or 300 ml sized spray in 10 different natural shades

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